Now there's a perspective worth keeping while playing college sports. Especially when the finish line is right in front of DT Vidal Scott's face.
At 54, the football coach with 27 years of experience, died on Sunday.
You can't start talking about EMU's 2023 recruiting class without mentioning "The Canadian Cannon".
From 1-15, ranking the future games and teams EMU fans have to look forward to in the upcoming non-conference slates.
Six former MAC stars drafted this year, including three on Day 2.
Four offensive players leave EMU while the team gains a young running back from the state of Texas.
Also: What other positions could the Eagles add at to make its roster stronger for 2022?
EMU's got a lot of to figure out with its QB room between now and the start of the season, and they got to compete in heavy rain and winds above 15 mph.
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